• Doctor of Philosophy Program in Human Resource and Organization Development
  • Graduate School of Human Resource Development National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)
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Assoc.Prof.Dr.Budsakorn Watcharasriroj

  • Ph.D. (Management of Technology) Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

  • Strategic Human Resource Management/Development
  • Strategic Organizational Culture Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Strategic Leadership Technology strategy for corporate competitiveness


Human Resource Development has played a vital role in building a strong national foundation and strengthening national capacity. It has become a key success factor in maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage as well as adding more value and quality to social capital which becomes indispensable in the time of uncertainty and economic recession. In order for Thailand to adapt to changes effectively, a well-designed PhD. program in HROD that can generate knowledgeable scholars is necessary. The Doctor of Philosophy program in Human Resource and Organization Development (HROD) is designed for experienced practitioners and researchers who wish to refine and broaden their knowledge in the area of human resources and organization development through the emphasis on a solid education grounded in both theories and practices from micro and macro perspectives of private, public, and international organizations. In order to widen the capacities of students to diagnose and create new patterns of change in human resources and organization improvement, the students are expected to conduct quantitative and qualitative research in a scholarly manner.

The Graduate School of Human Resource Development is dedicated to provide teaching and learning as well as building student capability which reflects an integration of local wisdom within the context of globalization. The three missions comprise of innovative teaching and learning, high quality research, and knowledge creation in HROD field. These missions will result in highly competent graduates who are well-rounded, continuously self-developed, highly skillful in learning and adapting to change as well as ready to serve the society as good citizens.


The main objective of the program is to prepare high level professionals such as corporate consultants, researchers and academicians who will become leaders in the field of HROD to be able to:

  • • Strategically synthesize multiple bodies of knowledge in HROD from interdisciplinary perspectives
  • • Creatively construct new knowledge and critically analyze the existing ideas via scholarly research and theory building.
  • • Ethically transform knowledge to present the obtained knowledge in practical and effective forms via means of publication, teaching and implementation.


Upon program completion, students will be proficient in the 4 areas illustrated in the following diagram: