• Doctor of Philosophy Program in Human Resource and Organization Development
  • Graduate School of Human Resource Development National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)
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Ph.D. Scholars

Title and Name of Publication


Dr.Sallaya Ratanopas
Prof.Dr.Chiraprapha Akaraborworn
Asst.Prof.Dr.Dawisa Sritanyarat
Prof.Dr.Chiraprapha Akaraborworn
Dr.Sumrit Yipyintum
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sombat Kusumavalee
Dr.Chanitapant Tanawattanakorn
Prof.Dr.Chiraprapha Akaraborworn
Dr.Kanittaga Thardsatien
Prof.Dr.Kalayanee Senasu
Dr.Nattaporn Virunhagarun
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Wasita Boonsathorn
Dr.Wichuwan Satsomboon
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Oranuch Pruetipibultham
Dr.Iratrachar Amornpipat
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Bund-on Sorod
Dr.Rundee Eiadkaew
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Oranuch Pruetipibultham
Asst.Prof.Dr.Naphat Wuttaphan
Prof.Dr.Chiraprapha Akaraborworn
Dr.Pichai Tangsathapornphanich
Prof.Dr.Kalayanee Senasu
Dr.Chalida Kanjanajuta
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Wichai Utsahajit
Dr.Varumpa Temaismithi
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Wichai Utsahajit
Dr.Lloyd Chukwuemeka Nwafor
Prof.Dr.Busaya Virakul
Dr.Matsorn Kitbumrung
Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nanta Sooraksa
Asst.Prof.Dr.Sanober Salman Shaikh
Prof.Dr.Chiraprapha Akaraborworn
Dr. Korkiat Mahaveerachartkul “Development and Validation of a Job Resources Scale for Thai Nurses” Journal of Community Development Research (Humanities and Social Sciences). Volume 11, Number 4, October - December 2018 Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nanta Sooraksa
Dr.Anoma Charoensap “Effect of Ethical Leadership and Interactional Justice on Employee Work Attitudes” International Journal of Leadership Studies, Volume 12, Issue 4 , 2018 Prof.Dr.Busaya Virakul
Dr.Siriwan Kaewchird “The Influence of thr Second-Order Stakeholder Dimension of CSR on Employee Engagement: The Mediating Role of Organization Trust”  Journal of Public and Private Management. Volume 28, Number 1, June 2021 (Available online: November 2018) Prof.Dr.Busaya Virakul
Dr.Zaw Naing Emerging NHRD in Transitioning Myanmar HRD Journal Burapha University Volume 9 Number 2 
December 2018
Professor Emeritus
Dr.Chartchai Na Chiangmai
Dr.Natcha Niljaeng  "The Impact of Global Leadership Competency and Trust in Leader on Team Process Effectiveness in Thailand" Human Resource and Organization Development Journal. Number 1 -2018  Assoc.Prof.Dr.Oranuch Pruetipibultham
Dr.Supawan Thanapatcharoen  “The Influence of Ethical Leadership and Ethical Climate on the Organizational Commitment of Employees in the Best Award of Ethical Standard Companies in Thailand” Business Administration and Economics Review. Volume 15, Number 1, January – June 2019 Assoc.Prof.Dr.Wichai Utsahajit
Dr.Praweena Kasai “Factors Leading to Work Passion for Innovative Work Behavior Case Study of Small Hotel Business in Thailand” Dusit Thani Journal. Volume 12, Number 1, January - April 2018 Assoc.Prof.Dr.Wasita Boonsathorn
Dr.Rubaba Nawrin “Mediating Role of Meaningful Work between Resources and Work Engagement in Bangladesh’s Private Banks”  Management & Marketing. Challenges for the Knowledge Society. Volume 13, Number 1, March 2018 Assoc.Prof.Dr.Juthamas Kaewpijit
Dr. Md. Abdus Salam “Development of Sustainability Index for Ready-Made Garments Sector in Bangladesh” Journal of Alternative Perspective in the Social Sciences. Volume 9, Number 1, 2018 Prof.Dr.Kalayanee Senasu
Dr. Nanthaporn Chitchai “The Moderating Effect of Love of Money on Relationship between Socioecomonic Status and Happiness”  Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences. Volume 42, Number 2, May - August 2021 (Online access November 2018) Prof.Dr.Kalayanee Senasu
Dr. Kulthida Mongkolsirikiet "Revisit Holton's HRD Evaluation and Research Model (2005) for Learning Transfer" Journal of Community Development Research (Humanities and Social Sciences) Volume 12, Number 2, April - June 2019  Prof.Dr.Chiraprapha Akaraborworn
Dr. Hachapan Uachotikoon "Management and Leadership of Innovation and Ambidexterity in the Innovative High-Performance Enterprises in Thailand" Journal of Community Development Research (Humanities and Social Sciences) Volume 12, Number 3, July - September 2019  Assoc.Prof.Dr.Wichai Utsahajit
Dr. Pisa Srivilai "Bullying in Workplace: A Study of the Relationships among Big Five Personality Traits and Organizational Cultures with the Victimization of Workplace Bullying in Thai Organizations" Journal of Community Development Research (Humanities and Social Sciences). Volume 12, Number 4, October - December 2019  Assoc.Prof.Dr.Bund-on Sorod
Dr. Supavanee Thimthong "The Development of Safety Culture Assessment and Its Validation: Case Study of Thai Truck Drivers" Journal of Community Development Research (Humanities and Social Sciences). Volume 12, Number 2, April - June 2019  Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nanta Sooraksa
Dr. Thamarat Jangsiriwattana  "Transformational and Transactional Leadership: The Features, Existence, and Influence" Kasem Bundit Journal. Volume 22, Number 2, July - December 2021  Prof.Dr.Busaya Virakul
Dr. Charatpong Chotigavanich "The Moderating Effect of Job-Embeddedness on the Relationships between Organizational Socialization with Employee’s Performance, and with Well-being of Salespersons in Thailand" Journal of Community Development Research (Humanities and Social Sciences). Volume 13, Number 1, January - March 2020   Assoc.Prof.Dr.Bung-on Sorod
Dr. Thantita  Sathirachaiyawit “Deriving education quality assurance criteria in IQA system of a graduate-only institution: A Delphi method” Prof.Dr.Chiraprapha Akaraborworn
Dr. Kotchaworn Chuymanee “The Development of Knoewledge Sharing Behavior Scale in the Thai Context” Assoc.Prof.Dr.Bung-on Sorod
Dr. Tharinee  Suratpipit "Antencedent Factors for Collective Leadership Development in Social Enterprise Management: Case Studies of Thai Social Enterprises" Professor Emeritus
Dr.Chartchai Na Chiangmai
Dr. Siriporn Potidokmai “The Meaning of Employee Engagement of Thai Public Hospitals under the Ministry of Public Health” Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sombat Kusumavalee
Dr. Panita Sastrawaha "The Performance Management Factors Affecting on 
Employees' Perceived Fairness in Private Sector Power Producers in Thailand"
Prof.Dr.Chiraprapha Akaraborworn
Dr. Win Htein Win "The Status of Perspectives and Challenges of TVET for the National Human Resource Development (NHRD) in Myanmar" (to be published) Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sombat Kusumavalee
Dr. Chayanoot Pungcharoenpong The Mechanisms of Resilient Organizations in the Context of Family Businesses in Thailand   Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sombat Kusumavalee
Dr. Boonthipa Jiantreerangkool “Factors Affecting Employees’ Work Passion in the Thai Insurance Industry” Assoc.Prof.Dr.Wasita Boonsathorn
Dr. Prapai Charoonnarth The Effect of Authentic Leadership (AL) and Individual Innovation Adoption (IA) on Innovative Work Behavior (IWB) in Thai Context Assoc.Prof.Dr.Bung-on Sorod
Dr. Asma Tehmarn An Exploration of Key Success Factors of Social Enterprise in Thailand Prof.Dr.Chiraprapha Akaraborworn
Dr. Hassan Miushad The Relationship of Work-Family conflict, Job Satisfaction and Deviant Workplace Behavior in the Maldives’ Public Sector Prof.Dr.Kalayanee Senasu
Dr. Chararinchon Satian  Toward A Theory of Humanized Organization Development Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sombat Kusumavalee
Dr. Chayapon Soontornwiwattana Organizational Learning Elements of Private Primary Care Unit: A Case Study of Nan-Ah Hospital Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sombat Kusumavalee
Dr. Orathai Phubunlap Gunaseelan Factors Influencing Career Advancement of Thai Female Foreign Service Officials in Thailand. Prof.Dr.Busaya Virakul