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Graduate School of Human Resource Development

The Graduate School of Human Resource Development was established in 1992, as the first graduate school in Thailand where the Master’s Degree programme in HRD was delivered. The school establishment was to serve the 7th National Social and Economic Development Plan (1992-1996).

At the very beginning, the School offered a Master of Development Administration in Human Resource Development in response to the government’s policy and intention. Later it appointed a committee to draft a master’s degree programme in Human Resource Development and changed the title of the programme to the “Master of Science in Human Resource Development”. The programme was under a newly established department called the “Graduate Programme in Human Resource Development” in 1992. The Project was responsible for teaching HRD graduate students and other related work. Associate Professor Dr.Chartchai Na Chiangmai (His academic title at that time) was appointed director of the project, which admitted the first batch of students (the first official-hour programme) in the same year. The programme was later on officially named as School of Human Resource Development in November 2006.


The School’s vision is “to be an academic leader in developing human resources and organizations to be sustainable”.

Accomplishment of the vision is considered from

  • 1) the number of HRD innovations each year,
  • 2) being the HROD hub in the region.

Four major missions of the School are:

  • 1) Teaching, the goal is to produce graduates who love seeking knowledge and have virtues and social responsibility.
  • 2) Conducting research, the focus is on producing research and academic papers to develop and create a new body of knowledge and innovations related to HROD.
  • 3) Rendering academic services. the services include providing consultation and academic services for public and private organizations.
  • 4) Building a cooperative network with other organizations and educational institutions inside and outside the country.


The School adheres to the values determined by the Institute when it set the 15-year development plan, i.e., “WISDOM”.

  • W     stands for World Class,
  • I       stands for Innovation,
  •      stands for Social Responsibility,
  • D     stands for Discipline,
  • O     stands for Open-mindedness, and
  • M     stands for Morality (being adhered to moral, honesty, sincerity, and good governance).


The Graduate School of Human Resource Development is dedicated to provide teaching and learning as well as building student capability which reflects an integration of local wisdom within the context of globalization. The three missions comprise of innovative teaching and learning, high quality research, and knowledge creation in HROD field. These missions will result in highly competent graduates who are well-rounded, continuously self-developed, highly skillful in learning and adapting to change as well as ready to serve the society as good citizens.