• Doctor of Philosophy Program in Human Resource and Organization Development
  • Graduate School of Human Resource Development National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)
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Program Expected Learning Outcomes

Competencies /
Themes of ELOs

Key Concepts

Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy

1.Worldwide Perspective (W) ELO1.1 Integrate the international knowledge with the local wisdom in order to cope with critical organizational and/or social issues. [Evaluation] [Evaluation]
2.Initiative and Open-mindedness (I)

ELO2.1 Analyze information to provide suggestions to enhance values for stakeholders in creative and/or innovative ways. [Analysis]

ELO2.2 Demonstrate and build awareness of diversity, multiculturalism and social justice with open-mindedness. [Application]

3. Sustainable Leadership (S) ELO 3.1 Propose changes through the research and practices for the benefit of present and future of stakeholders. [Creation] [Creation]
4. Human Intelligence (H) ELO4.1 Acquire and Application professional knowledge and skills to drive an organization and/or society humanly with integrity. [Application] [Application]
5. Ethics and Morality (E) ELO5.1 Demonstrate the main ethical issues and principles used when conducting research and practicing HR profession. [Application] [Application]
6. Scholar Instinct (S)

ELO6.1 Display academic intuition to identify important issues, research problems and critique existing knowledge. [Application]

ELO6.2 Conduct research to respond and make suggestions to those issues and problems and/or fill in knowledge gaps. [Creation]