• Doctor of Philosophy Program in Human Resource and Organization Development
  • Graduate School of Human Resource Development National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)
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Ph.D. Scholars Title and Name of Publication Advisor Download
Miss Sallaya Ratanopas "Competency Model of Theravada Buddhist Monks in Thailand - A Methodological Fit.", In NIDA Development Journal, Volume 54, Number 2, April-June 2014 Assoc.Prof.Dr.Chiraprapha Akaraborworn
Miss Dawisa Sritanyarat "Development of Theoretical Based Multidimensional Learners' Evaluation of Higher Education in Thailand; A Case Study of the University in Graduate Level." Assoc.Prof.Dr.Chiraprapha Akaraborworn
Mr Sumrit Yipyintum "The Adoption of the Philosophy pf Sufficiency Economy and its Impacts on the Employees' Perspective and the Organization's Productivity: An Action Research on the RIVER GROUP." Assoc.Prof.Dr.Sombat Kusumavalee
Miss Chanitapant Tanawattanakorn "Development a measurement of Talent Engagement in Thailand." Assoc.Prof.Dr.Chiraprapha Akaraborworn
Miss Kanittaga Thardsatien "The Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility and Quality Of Work Life on Job-related Outcomes in Thailand." Prof.Dr.Kalayanee Senasu
Miss Nattaporn Virunhagarun "Work Passion for Successors in SMEs Family Businesses." Assoc.Prof.Dr.Wasita Boonsathorn
Ms. Wichuwan Satsomboon "A Multi-Level Study of the Antecedent Factors of Innovation: Case Studies of Thai Small and Medium-Size Enterprises." Asst.Prof.Dr.Oranuch Pruetipibultham
Miss Iratrachar Amornpipat "The Study of Structural Relationships between Thai Authentic Leadership, Follower's Wellbeing and Innovative Work Behaviour in Thai Millitary Context." Assoc.Prof.Dr.Bund-on Sorod
Miss Rundee Eiadkaew "The Casual Relationships between Cultural Intelligence and Global Mindset among HR Practitioners in Thailand." Asst.Prof.Dr.Oranuch Pruetipibultham
Mr. Naphat Wuttaphan "Developing Potential Factors of Faculty Management Affects Faculty Engagement in Thai Private Universities: A Quantitative Methods." Assoc.Prof.Dr.Chiraprapha Akaraborworn
Mr.Pichai Tangsathapornphanich “The Effect of Socioeconomic Status, Work-Life Balance and Mental Health on Happiness Among Thai Workforces” Prof.Dr.Kalayanee Senasu
Miss Chalida Kanjanajuta “Interrelationship among Human Capital, Structural Capital and Relational Capital in the Intellectual Capital and Their Effects on Performance of Thai Private Universities ” Assoc.Prof.Dr.Wichai Utsahajit
Miss Varumpa Temaismithi “Relationships among Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Scores, and Human Value Added Metrics” Assoc.Prof.Dr.Wichai Utsahajit
Mr.Lloyd Chukwuemeka Nwafor “Factors Influencing Corporate Governance of State Owned Enterprises in Nigeria: The Case of Imo State” Prof.Dr.Busaya Virakul
Miss Matsorn Kitbumrung “The Development and Validation of Mindfulness Measurement in Thai Buddhist Employees” Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nanta Sooraksa
Mrs.Sanober Salman Shaikh “Development of The Integrative Leadership Measure and Its Validation on Employee Engagement in the Private Banking Sector in Pakistan” Assoc.Prof.Dr.Chiraprapha Akaraborworn